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Mama Poet









Mama Poet, how we love you so!

Mama is ready to make her debut, and has come so far over the past 5 months.

From being scared of the world, and every person in it, to wanting to play and get belly rubs, she is the reason why we continue to help these deserving dogs.

She is great with people, children, and dogs. She does have a prey drive, and gets over stimulated with cats, so we suggest a cat free and small pet free home.

If you’re looking to add a sweet girl into your home, she is the one.

Mama is looking for a home to continue to grow in, and continue with her socialization and engaging in new environments.

She is just over a year old, is 25 lbs, 2 feet tall and full of love!


My adult adoption fee is a little different; you will get a $250 training credit.

(information about training credits, look under adoption fees tab)

Apply to adopt her today below!

Adoption Application.png
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