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Founder and President

Kelly grew up on a farm North East of Cochrane. Where Nature and The Animals were her life. Many people dropped their unwanted family pets off down the dirt roads and they always seemed to end up at Kelly's families home. Kelly's passion grew with her parent’s teaching to respect the land and the Animals God had given and placed in her life. Kelly has been involved with Rescue agencies since 2007 and decided that our Country needed help in First Nation Communities. Not just to control the overpopulation of dogs but to educate, complete spay and neuter clinics and give wholeheartedly to these communities with out judgement or disrespect. In May 2015 she Founded Tails of The Misunderstood Canine Rescue Society. 


Co-Founder and Vice President



Foster Home Manager



Intake Manager

Mike has always had a love for dogs.  Mike has been involved in volunteering for rescues since 2010. He loves each and every dog he meets. Mike's favorite dog is his little Chihuahua cross Dennis. During any free time, Mike accompanies our team on rescue missions, walking dogs, bathing dogs, lounging with dogs, and above all else loving our rescue dogs!


Donations Manager


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