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About Us 

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Founder and President

Kelly grew up on a farm North East of Cochrane. Where Nature and The Animals were her life. Many people dropped their unwanted family pets off down the dirt roads and they always seemed to end up at Kelly's families home. Kelly's passion grew with her parent’s teaching to respect the land and the Animals God had given and placed in her life. Kelly has been involved with Rescue agencies since 2007 and decided that our Country needed help in First Nation Communities. Not just to control the overpopulation of dogs but to educate, complete spay and neuter clinics and give wholeheartedly to these communities with out judgement or disrespect. In May 2015 she Founded Tails of The Misunderstood Canine Rescue Society. 



Co-Founder and Vice President

Alexandra also grew up on a farm North East of Cochrane, and if you couldn't guess, is Kelly's sister. Alexandra Co-Founded Tails of The Misunderstood Canine Rescue Society, as she was made aware of Kelly's vision and the change needed for rescues in Alberta. Alexandra is very active in the rescue and has fostered over 500 dogs, from May 2015 and many more from other rescues over the years. Alexandra owns and operates two pet industry businesses, and any weekend she's not running around for the rescue, she is networking and helping First Nation Communities come up with plans on education clinics as well as spay and neuter clinics. She is constantly in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia forming relationships with First Nation Communities and other front-line rescuers! She has an immense amount of love and passion for all her dogs, as they're all disabled rescues, some with severe medical ailments. 



Foster Home Manager

Conor and his wife Lacie started fostering for Tails of The Misunderstood in January 2017. They fell in love with their foster Lettuce from the BLT litter and Conor saw a need to help animals as much as he could. Immediately Conor signed up to be a Director. Conor puts the dogs first and you can truly see how much he loves each and every one of them. If you can't catch Conor doing something for the rescue he is playing baseball or hockey. 

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Intake Manager

Mike has always had a love for dogs.  Mike has been involved in volunteering for rescues since 2010. He loves each and every dog he meets. Mike's favorite dog is his little Chihuahua cross Dennis. During any free time, Mike accompanies our team on rescue missions, walking dogs, bathing dogs, lounging with dogs, and above all else loving our rescue dogs! If you can't catch Mike doing something for the rescue he is out an about with his dogs and/or enjoying this beautiful province. 


Donations Manager

Mikena grew up in a family who loved pets. She always was cuddling her dog Skylar and taking her on neighborhood adventures. When she moved out on her own, she had rabbits but knew she was missing something in her life. She started fostering for our organization and quickly became part of The Misunderstood Family. She has adopted two dogs through our organization now, and has completed her fur family with adopting Roro and Moirai.

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