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$200 Adoption Fee

Ours heart light up every time we say his name or see him!

Who are we talking about you ask, well, it's Derek!

Derek is a 4 year old Labrador Retriever, who is such a loving and amazing boy.

He loves his people and is goofy, quirky, and a huge lugga-lug-bug. He hums dodo, dotado as he prances around and enjoys the day with you. He is sure to make you laugh and giggle every day. He loves cuddling, movie dates, snacks, and showing off his collection of toys, bringing you each one, then on to the next. He loves his blankies and prances throughout the home with them, showing them off. He is willing to share them with you as long as he gets cuddled up with you.
Derek is looking for a home on his own, as the only pet. Due to his past, he unfortunately is not good with other animals, of any species. Derek is scared of small children, again due to his past. If you have children, they have to be over the age of 12. He doesn't react to other dogs on the other side of the fence line, so it's ok if your neighbors have pets.
Other than looking to be the only pet in the home, he's an absolutely amazing dog and has so much personality and goofiness. He truly is the whole package, and as soon as he stares into your eyes, you're greeted with unconditional and uplifting love. He's truly the bestest boy in the world!
If you're interested in adopting Derek, apply for him below.

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