Hi I'm Hashbrown, but you can call me Hashy!

I am a female, and I will be 2 years old in May. I am a smaller lab cross whom scoots around or I am in my chair. I am 40 lbs.

So, I guess I should tell you about my chair...

I am wheelchair bound, as my back legs do not work properly. Auntie Alexandra can fill you in more if you're interested in me, because I sometimes lose control of my bladder when I'm excited but wait... I want to tell you how

AMAZING I am! Please don't leave yet...


I am kennel trained and love my foster siblings. We play all the time and I absolutely love doggy daycare too. I am being fostered with a whole bunch of doggos and we have so much fun! 


We play in the yard, sunbathe and of course partake in some mischief sometimes but don't blame us, as we're still puppies. 


I wheel around on leash great and I love all adventures!


I need a home where I can continue to grow into an even more amazing girl! I am looking for a home where someone is home more throughout the day. I promise to be quite and just hangout with you, chewing on my bully sticks... which I ABSOLUTELY love!


Are you my forever home? I hope so, because I want to show you how amazing I am.

Apply For Me Here

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