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Enzo Benzo, The Chi Chi Cross 

Enzo is 3 years old and a chihuahua cross. He will be 4 years old in July.

Enzo has been around dogs of all sizes and children. He excels at play and interaction with them. He is a really good boy!


It is unknown how he is with cats, but with his temperament, we do not foresee any issues. We can always cat test him if his potential home does have a cat. 


Enzo came into care with 70 other dogs from a hoarding situation back in June of 2022. We took 4 of the 70, and three have found their forever homes. Enzo was unable to be touched and was petrified of humans. Once he had three weeks to decompress, he went into his foster home, which is where he is still residing, socializing, and getting loved. His foster home has allowed him to grow, and become a better little man. He now looks for love and attention, excelling at socialization. He had made immense progress over the past two years and mostly in the past few months.

Enzo is still more of a dog buddy than a human buddy, but will come up and lay with you on the couch or patio chair and go for walks.

If you're interested in adopting Enzo, apply at the link below!

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