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Hi I'm Ember,

I am a Female, Large Breed Mix. I am around 2 years old and about 46 lbs.


I am the funniest, happiest girl ever! I have lived outside my entire life and never knew what LOVE was until Alexandra said she was taking me home. I have learned to sit in 1 day so I heard I am pretty smart!


I am good with dogs as long as they are not reactive as it scares me and I bark. I prefer that I have proper introductions. I am still working on this and have seen that I have come along way.


I like kids but they also scare me as they use to hurt me. I would appreciate older kids so I know they know they can not pull on my tail and ears. 


I am unsure if I like cats as I intensely stare at them while on walks. So Kelly says she prefers a no cat home for me. I LOVE hikes, snuggles and sometimes stealing steaks off the counter...


I can not wait to start my new life here in Calgary!

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