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Hi, I’m Cleatus (Klee-tus)!

I’m a hound cross and am 2 years old currently, and will be 3 at the end of April. I’m definitely not one of those hounds whom are loud though; I’m a vocal gentleman hehe! I'm a big boy, and am 80 lbs. I'm tall and lean, just like Ryan Gosling.


I'm looking for someone to do basic obedience training with me and work with me on my goofy puppy-like quirks. Yes, I'm still a big dorkster 3000.

I’m a big dorky puppy still who loves to romp and roll along with you. I must have been an playful engineer in my past life, as I’m great at figuring out how to get extra cookies in the day.

I love to play and then relax, as it’s exhausting being so handsome you know.


*Children: I am good with children whom are not extremely hyper active and are older, due to my wiggle bum being a knock over zone.

**Dogs: I tend to do better with female dogs and submissive, quiet males. I've had a few dogs be mean to me in the past, so prefer nice ones who just like to play if anything. I am quite happy on my own too ('cause I get all the cookies then hehe).

My adult adoption fee is a little different; you will get a $500 training credit.

(information about training credits, look under adoption fees tab)

If you’re interested in an explorer buddy, I’m him! Apply for me below!

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