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Cappy Captain









Attention, attention, we have a very good boy for you to meet!

Cappy Captain, the most affectionate, loving, snuggle bug in a body-pillow size

His love, charisma, and eager to please personality are perfect for any home who wants a real-life squishmallow The best cuddle bug you can dream of!

Cappy is a 3 year old lab x who is 80 lbs. regular lab size with an extra inch of height. Don't let his size scare you, though, as he's the gentlest, sweetest boy in the world.

He is great with all people, including children, cats, and dogs. He loves going for walks and is ecstatic for car rides while being on the best behaviour.

He's fully house trained, kennel trained, and has the sweetest nurturing spirit of man's best friend.

If you're looking to add an amazing boy into your life, look no further than this gem of a floppy ear Yoda squishmallow.

Apply for him today below!

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