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All Bets ARe on us

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Hi, We're the Casino litter, and we bet you will fall in love with us!

We're female, 12 week old Boxer Crosses, whom will get between 50 to 60 lbs.


We know how hard it will be to pick one of us from the deck, so let’s play a game of roulette to decide.


We love kids, dogs and cats! Our foster mom allows us to play one on one with our foster cat sibling and she plays chase the puppies with us. We love her!


Our dog foster brothers love us and we are super keen on them! Especially tails, their fun to play with! They are the funniest thing and we all have one. We especially like running under them right now, as we're tiny enough to do so.


We have been introduced to many kids, we are shy at first then we rock and roll, run around and play with them.


Are we what your looking for? Apply for us today.

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