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Adina, sweet and goofy as can be!

After a long road to recovery, this sweetheart is finally available for adoption!

After going septic and almost losing her leg, it didn’t stop this charismatic girl from being one of the happiest girls around.

Adina is a 12 month old Shepherd X whom is 40 lbs and the life of the party.

She loves cuddles and playing keep away, with her tug toy. She’s super smart and wanting to please and engage with all people!

She does get a long with dogs, after a slow-calm introduction, and then the play parade is on! She absolutely adores her foster fur brothers and playing with them whenever she can.

She is crate trained and is VERY food motivated, which has helped build trust and a relationship with her.

My puppy adoption fee is a little different; you will get a $300.00 credit to be given to a trainer!

TOTMCRS is doing this to ensure I'm set up for success.

If you’re interested in this sweetheart, apply for her today!

Adoption Application.png
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